After receiving a B.S. degree from the University of Illinois, Tanya pursued additional training at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Illinois Institute of Technology. The emphasis on color and design studies at I.I.T has had a marked impact on the direction of her work. It led to the use of multiple gradations of value which cause geometrical forms to take on depth and dimension. The result conveys the sensation of going beyond the canvas, drawing the viewer into the painting, down corridors, through archways and between columns. Thus, they stimulate both the eye and the intellect. Inspired by travel, the "Illusion" theme was nurtured resulting in paintings of columns and pillars as abstractions of Greco-Roman architecture. The application of the subtle color gradation, light and shadow, plus the use of perspective, allows an infinite number of variations on the basic architectural fantasy theme. This variation is clearly demonstrated by a series combining architectural structure and form with the broadening dimension of textural surfaces, patterns and nature's vistas. The result for the viewer is a contemporary glimpse of illusionary forms that hover between past, present and future, drawing the viewer into a fantastic voyage.

Boca Raton Museum Artists' Guild Biennial
Artist Guild, Boca Museum of Art, Delray, FL.
Coral Springs Museum, Coral Springs, Florida
Cornell Museum, Delray Beach, Florida
Northwood University - Jeanne Hare Gallery
Armory Art Center, Palm Beach, Florida
Carnegie Museum of Art, Covington, Kentucky
Dayton Museum of Art, Dayton, Ohio
Los Angeles County Museum of Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California
Andre Zarre Gallery, New York City
Katonah Gallery, Katonah, New York
Gallery K, Washington, D.C.
Virginia Museum, Richmond, Virginia - Regional Show
Viridian Gallery, New York City
New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, New Jersey - Regional Show
Rutgers University Art Gallery, Rutgers, New Jersey

Publications in which paintings have appeared:
American Home Magazine
The Designer - cover of magazine
Interiors Magazine
Interior Design Magazine
Arts Magazine
Galleries Magazine, Washington, D.C.
Potomac Magazine, Washington Post
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